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Plug for a friend:

A friend from Oxford has been documenting a series of artists- I had the privilege, and seem to look good in acrylic:

Interdisciplinary Collaborative Project (2009)

Amplified guns sound device sculpture performance subvert composition in A major.

Pacificthorn's seasonally self titled follow up to their SS09 release-the Fall (F/W09) presents as a prequel to Atlantis.(S/S09). Atlantis, having speculated the decline of the Western Civilization; - the Fall documents its process as its prequel paying homage to the perspective foundation of our society as the blue collar worker. -"The Fall" concept aquaints itself as an autobiographical documentation to our present state placing real world scenarios to our present sociopolitical and economic status as a dramatized rationalization in paradigm.  The Fall line derives Inspiration from the 30's depression/ dust bowl era in recognition of the economic struggle we are again faced with 70 years later as a result of the poor governmental choices illustrated in citation to the Atlantis S/S09 line.

Neal E. Nolan:
Founding Concept Development, Founder, Creative Director, Artist and Graphic Designer.

Christian Nicolay:
Concept Development, Designer and Artist

Tracy Myers:

 Collaborating Artists:
Alison Lilly
Ben Tour 

-Aesthetic remnants from the 2010 PNE installation.
Impromptu Pending.
Commissioned install at ACME Studio building.
Vancouver. BC.




"The Orchid that Drank the Moon."

Available online via dieconstant.com & planetclaire.ca

"East Van"


Die Constant and Pacificthorns new line “Hyde” present a mixed media collaborative live printing and painting showcase featuring prints, dying, chemical distressing, airbrushing, custom cuts, slashes and ties altered into people’s pre-existing prints rite off their backs, boring blank attire or working from scratch with a variety of goods supplied onsite.
With two shows down and many more planned, Contact us if you have an event that you’d like to add some productive creative entertainment to.

Tuesday May 18th:

Sat, May 15th
Spring launch.

Launched in 2008, Pacificthorn exists as an umbrella line taking it’s individual names (Blackthorn- Men's & Pacific Willow- Women's) from the two trees which produce the best quality charcoal for gunpowder production, the line features a select number of limited edition /one of a kind shotgun distressed garments, ripped, sewn, tied, chemically distressed and altered into abstraction.
The name Pacifcthorn, (Pacific Willow / Blackthorn) embraces naturalism in the form of 1970’s woodsmanly’ sportsmanship in summation to nature and the root of British Columbia’s interior, recreation and heritage.
Hyde is an apparel solo project from Pacificthorn’s creative founder Neal E. Nolan; without parameters of definition the line exists unnaturally, incorporating loosely knit romantics, chemical distress, cuts n’ ties, applique, text, graphics, illustration, guilt, redemption, acedia, fever and spite abound the general rumors of monkey worship, tax evasion, sodomy and false notions into an un-harmonic resolve.