2012- September 6th– October 5th
Gallery fukai, Vancouver, BC

Last year a close friend and colleague of mine accidentally sent me an email intended for his partner.

The email was, admittedly, a humorous tirade when viewed from a sardonic perspective -loaded with frustrations cliche to many gender related archetypes. It helped to release my own frustrations to the same stereotypical aspects  I had experienced in previous relationships and relieved some of those frustrations for me vicariously through this email I had received. 

I kept the email, inspired by it's humor and ability to relieve my own frustrations I thought I might find the opportunity to use it for something and share this vicarious experience creatively.

Back and Front
The opportunity arose upon hearing from another friend and director/ curator of Gallery Fukai in Vancouver, BC.
Their opening season exhibition booked for Sept 2012 had suffer a last minuet cancellation which prompted the curator to put together a hurried group exhibition. He put a call out to his peers for submissions suiting the titled theme of the show "Excuse Me, How Rude!"- an obvious catharsis as a result of the untimely cancellation of the initially intended exhibit.

As the initial email was accidental, I wanted to get additional perspectives, both male and female, on a wider variety of  relationship entailed situations, and so I put out my own call and received a variety of submissions - after much review, retaining each submissions original grammar, punctuation and syntax- the four shown here (in greeting card format) make up the limited edition series of 10 sets. 

The Tide is High
4.5 x 7" (Folded) 
9 x 7" (Full inlay)
10/10 (sets of four) - Glossy exterior/ mat inlay
Digital print on heavy stock

Installation view w/:
-Christian Nicolay
Blind Faith (Video)

-The Dark
Fuck Me, Fuck You, Oh Fuck!